October 2018:

Sergio Pellegrino - Space Solar Power: A New Beginning. Read about it [HERE].

January 2018:

Caltech team presents at the 2018 AIAA SciTech conference. Read about it [HERE].

March 2017: 

Co Architects' article on "Diverse, Modern Research Labs for Space-based Solar Engineering at Caltech." Read it [HERE].

October 2016:

The Space Solar Project is featured in an article by Interesting Engineering, entitled, "Using Flying Carpets to Light the World." Read the full article [HERE].

April 2016:

Caltech’s 2500 Orbiting Solar Panels Could Provide Earth With Limitless Energy. Read about it [HERE].

April 2015: 

Read about the Caltech partnership with Northrop Grumman to create Space Solar Power, [HERE].

April 2015: 

Space-Based Solar Power Project is funded! Read about it [HERE].